Saturday, December 22, 2007

Money earing machine

Guys wanna make money for using a social network?? It free to join.
I have found this info and wanted to share it with you, I just could not believe it but it is sooo true!!
We all love sites like Facebook, myspace, and Hi5 ,etc. but look at the figures below and think about the posibilities!
1) Facebook makes over $8 million a MONTH from advertising alone, plus they just got like 60 million dollars from some investor!
2) Myspace makes almost $25 million.
WE, the users, don't get any of this, even though WE are the ones making the pages, writing the blogs and uploading the pictures!
There's a brand new social networking site called Yuwie, which actually pays it's members just to use it!
The site has all of the features of facebook, but here's the best bit, the more you use it, the more you get paid!
You think myspace has everything you need - That's fine! I love myspace, and only use Yuwie to
make money.
You get 50 cents every time someone looks at your page! If you refer get 50 cents every time their page is looked at as well!
They estimate that if you refer 10 can eventually make up to $10,000/month!!


Myself said...

Hi, best of luck for yourself, i have little experience of all this as i had little knowledge of an SEO but now a days doing it just to share my views, just saw your link on orkut, have a nice time bye
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simu said...

itz nice......